Chief Akana was excited at the success of the operation. “I was able to identify my wife standing right before me. After six years, i saw light! My wife asked if i could see i replied her by describing the colours of the skirt and top she was putting on and added that the doctor was wearing a black trousers and a white shirt.

Gradually, my eyes started getting clearer and clearer. I said i wanted to go and urinate, she asked if i could. I did as i found my way to and fro. Honestly, since that day till today, i have never had any problem with my eyes; I have been attending regular check-up with the doctor. And out of the five of us that went in for the operation, none has ever come down with any serious complications, all the surgeries were successful and we all improve every day.”

Akinbanjo said he was happy to see his grandchildren and great grandchildren. “I am so happy nobody was tired of me by way of walking me around. As a pensioner, it is not easy to go about getting my money with somebody having to follow me and do all the running around. But now, with my sight back, I do all that myself,” he said.

Friday, who also regained his sight through cornea transplant, said he had got a new job as a cashier/front desk officer with an airline. “The cornea transplant gave me a second chance. My friends when they heard about the planned surgery, said I was going to be given cow’s eyes, but I was too desperate to try anything to get back my sight and that was why I clung to that ray of hope the Eye Bank promised.

I will advise as well that anybody that has eye problem should go to hospital and not religious houses, which complicated my case and made me lose my sight eventually,” he said.