The gift of sight is perhaps the most vital of the five senses that human beings are endowed with. Each and every one of us should therefore appreciate this ability that dictates almost all our responses and actions. That is why you are able to read this.

Established as a joint project of the Ophthalmological Society of Nigeria and Federal Nigeria Society for the Blind and backed by decree No 23 of 5th May 1973 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, THE EYE BANK FOR RESTORING SIGHT, NIGERIA is established to harvest (collect), process and distribute donor eye tissue for sight saving cornea transplant, medical education and research into causes and treatment for other eye diseases. These services will be rendered to members of the Nigerian public who may by accident or organic degeneration or infection of the cornea have lost the use of their eyes due to cornea opacity (whitish cornea). About 30% of blindness worldwide is due to “cornea blindness”, which is a reversible form of blindness. The cornea is the transparent outermost part of the eye, and once this is damaged, that is, when transparency is lost, the patient becomes blind. The Eye Bank is committed to harvesting eyes (corneas), and promoting organ donations through public and professional education, highlighting the importance and benefits of organ donation.

As an organ bank, the Eye Bank is continually in need of donors. Organ donation is a relatively new concept in Nigeria and to make any impact a lot of advocacy is needed, utilizing the print and electronic media, radio network, printing of hand bills and posters, employing an administrator and other staffs; all these involve lots of funds. As a non-profit organization, the bank was established and equipped from funds received from individuals and corporate organizations during the 75th birthday anniversary lecture of Chief (Dr.) Akinsete. The bank has not received any subvention from any government except the accommodation provided by the Lagos State Government within the Eye Institute Complex at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja. We have depended so far and for now will continue to rely on the generosity of individuals and corporate bodies.


• To provide and distribute donor corneas and other tissues for transplantation services
• To raise awareness and participation of the public for cornea donation and uptake of eye/cornea transplantation services
• To train the manpower required for harvesting donor materials and public awareness
• To develop association with local and international Eye Banking centers


The Eye Bank is committed to a continuous process of harvesting, processing and storage so that the generality of Nigerians with cornea blindness can regain their sight through cornea graft (keratoplasty).

Board Of Trustees

Fellow, National Postgraduate College of Nigeria (Ophthalmologist)
Fellow, Royal College of Ophthalmologist UK
Co-Founder and former President of OSN

Co-Founder Primary Health System, Nigeria
Former Chairman of the Council, Federal Nigeria Society for the Blind
A Soroptomist International

Proprietress and Administrator, Vivian Fowler Memorial College
A Renowned Lawyer
Yeye Mofin of Lagos